Possible Saturday return for Arenas

The Washington Post is reporting that Gilbert Arenas has
schedules Saturday as the day which is most likely for his return.

It is noted that “"First, I have to see how I feel in
practice this week," Arenas said. "Then, I have to be totally cleared
with the medical staff and then, I have to talk to [interim coach Ed Tapscott]
about a plan for how I’m going to play."”

Arenas has not played that much in the past several years.
In fact, he has only played in 13 games in the past two years and has had his
knees surgically repaired several times.

It is reported that “It’s wonderful that he wants to come
back and play," Tapscott said. "What we have to do now is formulate a
plan and make sure that all responsible parties weigh in and do this in a way
that is beneficial to everybody, and that is the process we are going through
right now. So we are hopeful that we’ll have all of our ducks in a line so that
will be a reality. We’re not yet 100 percent sure."”

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