Raptor Report

Today’s Raptor report won’t all be basketball, I might touch up on some other topics, possibley a bit on all sports, and a little politics. I am gunning for the article writing lead… or at least third behind Shady and Wayne, my articles lead the comment lists… I know not saying much but what ever.I’ll start with Basketball, because that’s what we’re here for. Jalen Rose is the New Vince Carter with one difference. He’s not a scuzzy urine soaked piece of fesiece. I’m a huge Rose fan, I’m gonna pick up a Jalen Rose jersey next time I go to Sport check. But I still think the Raptors need something. I think re-signing Donyell Marshall is the best thing they can do right now, he’s a great defensive player, and the Raptors need him. The Raptors need him. But we also need someone new. The only big name free-agents I can find are Ray Allen, Gary Payton, and Antoin Walker. They can’t wait till next year. Next year are Shaqueile O’neil, and Nick Van Exel, Shaq’s too expensive, and Van Exel us too expensive. Get one of those three. Finally, Keep Chris Bosh, Mo Pete, Jalen Rose, and Donyell Marshall around for a while, we need them. Rafer can burn in hell, trade him.

Now… hockey… SIGN A FRIGGIN DEAL. Domonik Hassek says he’ll retire if there is no deal by the Summer… ok don’t sign a deal. He’s a shit bag.

Baseball. The Jays need to do the same thing as the Raptors but switch the names with some big name Baseball players.

Something to think about. What city would you rather see a CFL team in? Quebec, Victoria, Halifax, Windsor, or Moncton. I think Halifax, Quebec, or Windsor, what do you think?

Finally. Movies, Star Wars 3 is gonna rock, Mighty Ducks 4 (out this year too.) will blow hard.

I’m Carter_Sucks, and this has been the Raptor report.

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