Raptor Report

I was gonna do this once a week, but now I’ve decided to post whenever I feel there is something that needs to be said. I did well with my last one, my old account in third in news submissions, and my last article is the highest amount of comments for an article, so here we go.So what’s on my mind regaurding the Raptors, well first of all, I thought the Raptors needed to make a trade, I thought the Raptors had no chance at the playoffs, I thought the Raptors would never reach .500, I think I was wrong. The Raptors are on a three game win streak. The problem with the Raptors chances are some tough games ahead. There are about eighteen games I think the Raptors can win, of the next twenty five. They will need to perform a few miracles, in several games against Detroit, Philidelphia, and Miami. The Raptors need those wins, they are against teams not in the top six of their conference, and then they need to step up to beat Miami, San Antonio, and Philidelphia, who will be alot better with Chris Weber.

Ok second, what if there was a team in Montreal. Canadian sports need to build, and Montreal would be a great place, my friends and I are organizing a bring back the Nordiques protest and hope that there will be more teams of all sports in Canada. Vancouver didn’t work out, but the Montreal Expo’s survived for more then thirty years, hopefully an NBA franchise could last longer.

Now… I think the Raptors should fire Rob Bab*****. He has done nothing but suck for the Raptors. In the summer we could have had Allen Iverson for Vince Carter, now we have two useless players who don’t wanna be here, a couple useless draft picks that won’t get us anywhere soon, and a bought out contract. If we had traded Carter for Iverson, we would have the highest scorer in the NBA averaging almost thirty points a game. At the deadline we could have had Baron Davis or (I apologize for always mixing him up with Van Horn.) Nick Van Exel.

So if the NBA has a miracle club in the finals, I think it will be the Raptors. Go Raps Go, Blow Carter Blow, and Rock on, I’m Carter_Sucks and this has been the Raptor Report.

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