Report: Celtics offer Pistons Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo


Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Boston Celtics offered the Detroit Pistons two of their best players – but it wasn’t at a very cheap price.

According to the report, the Celtics offered Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo to the Pistons for a package that included Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey.

Despite the intriguing option of adding another expiring contract (Allen) and a young star (Rondo), the Pistons immediately shot down the offer, according to the report.

A Pistons official with knowledge of the situation confirmed the Yahoo report, but quickly added the offer was never taken seriously and talks never got to the serious stage.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Boston is unlikely to re-sign Allen to a long-term extension next summer, and there is belief around the league that the Celtics have hesitancy about committing a long-term, expensive contract to Rondo.

There has been some friction with Rondo, largely based on maturity. No issues with him are insurmountable, but Ainge has never minded shopping ideas around the league. Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine a deal that Boston could do with these two players that would give them a chance to stay a championship contender around Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

For the Pistons, this deal makes little sense, unless they wanted to let Allen’s expiring deal gain even more salary cap space for the free-agent class of 2010. The idea of trading his three best returners for an expiring contract and one good young player wasn’t worth considering for Dumars, sources said.

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