Robert Sarver will step aside if the Suns are not a winner

Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic is reporting that if the Suns do
not turn into a winning organization over the long term than the Suns
owner Robert Sarver may himself step aside to let someone else run/own
the team.

It is reported that ” Sarver’s not a guy who’s going to hang around a stagnant operation, sitting courtside for a team that wins 29 games. And if he and General Manager Steve Kerr can’t get back into the game in the near future, Sarver admitted that he may remove himself from the equation.

"I’m not one that looks out real long term for anything," Sarver said. "If I look out at the next 10 years, I don’t see a lot changing. Having said that, if I’m doing real bad for an extended period of time, then maybe the city is better off without me.

"If I’m a loser for four consecutive seasons, then maybe I should examine it. This team is part of the city, and if you’re not doing a good job at what you’re doing, then maybe you have to get out."

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