Rumors from the AJC – Bosh, Smith and More

Mark Bradley of AJC reports that

Chris Bosh, you say? Now that’s a teaser. Bosh is better than Smith at
this moment, but Bosh also becomes a free agent next summer.
Bosh-for-Josh would gamble four more years of Smith for what could be
one-and-done of Bosh. Me, I wouldn’t do it. (Go ask the Braves if
they’d make the Teixeira trade again.)

If the Hawks are looking to package Smith with an eye toward improving their draft position, they’re nuts. There is no player in this draft — not Blake Griffin, not Hasheem Thabeet, not Ricky Rubio — who’s superior to Smith today, and there might not be one who’ll ever be better. This is not a LeBron draft. This is Andrea Bargnani draft. Nobody’s going to get well overnight on June 25th.

Speculation also holds that the Hawks need money to keep their aforementioned free agents. If Smith is the price for re-upping Mike Bibby or Marvin Williams, that’s a price not worth paying. Smith is more than just another Hawk. He’s the key to this team’s future. I’ll put it this way: If the Hawks trade him for anything less than Kobe Bryant, they lose me.

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