Saturday Night News and Rumors

Memphis Online is reporting that the Grizzlies will look at all options for draft

Amare: Knicks should take me over Bosh

In the article it is reported that “With less than a month to go before the draft, the Grizzlies are in exploratory mode with the No. 2 overall pick — from trading up in order to pry No. 1-in-waiting Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers to moving down and acquiring an established NBA player.

"We’ve had a good amount of activity, and it will increase the closer we get to draft night," said Wallace, the Grizzlies’ general manager. "There’s a different level of activity when you’re at No. 2. You can say the draft starts when we pick."

The draft is June 25, and there will be enough rumors to match the amount of cell phone minutes Wallace logs by then. “
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Back in New York, ESPN Radio’s Brandon Tierney had Amare Stoudemire on this morning and reiterated remarks about his desire to play for Mike D’Antoni in 2010 while boasting about being better than Chris Bosh. Stoudemire told The Post similar stuff during All-Star Weekend.

When Tierney asked Stoudemire if he’s better than Bosh, the Suns forward said, "Oooh man, are you kidding me? Ask Chris Bosh that question."

So that’s a yes?

"No doubt about it, I’m better than Chris Bosh"

"How serious will you consider the Knicks in 2010"?

"I will be totally serious about that, I spent a lot of my childhood there, I have a connection with the state, and I also love the entire coaching staff"

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