Sentiment against trading Michael Beasley

The Miami Heat is reporting that there is sentiment against trading Michael Beasley as part of a package for either Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire.

“The Heat believes it has a decent chance to sign a top 2010 free agent, even if it cannot trade for one before; envisions Beasley as a future All-Star who can be used at small forward (”he can play that spot, no doubt,” Pat Riley said) and power forward; and likes having a potential star earning modest money ($15.9 million over the next three years), especially with the possibility of two maximum contracts in 2010-11 ( Dwyane Wade, and ideally, Bosh).

Neither Toronto’s Bosh nor Phoenix’s Stoudemire has been made available via trade, but the Raptors might deal Bosh if he doesn’t agree to an extension. A Bosh deal would carry some risk unless Bosh agrees to a contract extension at the time. Nothing can be ruled out with Riley, but as one person close to him said, the Heat’s concern is that giving up Beasley would be too hefty a price for a player who potentially could be acquired a year later in free agency.”

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