Shaq, Chandler and Bosh rumors

The Daily News is reporting that Shaq believes that he is going to be going to New Orleans as part of a trade for Tyson Chandler. It is also rumored that the Raptors may look for a new home for Chris BoshIn the article it is reported that “Shaquille O’Neal thinks he’s going to New Orleans in a deal for Tyson Chandler. The Hornets are eager to move Chandler and would like Shaq’s expiring contract. “

The Jazz is desperate to rid itself of Carlos Boozer, who counts the days until he can leave Salt Lake City. Toronto will be forced to look for a new home for Bosh, since he hasn’t pledged his long-term allegiance to the Raptors. "When you lose 50games, you need a lot," D’Antoni said. "We’d like to get the team better and play better and coach better."
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