Should Cavaliers go after Greg Oden? Hey, Mary!

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Q: Hey, Mary: I recently heard that Greg Oden will be a free agent this
upcoming summer. It has been said that the Cavs can’t attract top free
agents. But with Oden growing up in Indiana and playing at Ohio State,
wouldn’t a Midwestern destination like Cleveland be appealing to him? He
has had injury problems. But with the success the Cavs had in their
patience with [Zydrunas Ilgauskas], do you think they might pursue him,
since a dominant big man is their glaring weakness? — Rich Smith,

A: Hey, Rich: You’re assuming Oden actually will be available. Despite the fact that Portland did not pick up his option, he will be a restricted free agent next summer, meaning the Blazers can match any offer he receives. Given his injury problems, he has not been able to put together a body of work that would help any team — including Portland or Cleveland — determine his worth. If he has a great season, Portland will want to keep him, and if he doesn’t, what team will be willing to take a chance?

Q: Hey, Mary: Can you give us a brief scouting report on Ramon Sessions? I am not familiar with his style of play as of yet. — Rashau’n Williams, Hunting Valley

A: Hey, Rashau’n: Sessions did a good job filling in while Mo Williams recovered completely from his groin injury. He’s fast and did a good job of pushing the pace for coach Byron Scott. He’s a better driver than an outside shooter and needs to work on his defense and ballhandling.

Q: Hey, Mary: Will the defense be so bad this year? When Mo gets back, that’s another weak position on the defensive side of the court. Do you agree that we need to get some more defenders? — LeMichael Johnson, Shaker Heights

A: Hey, LeMichael: The Cavs are taking steps to try and improve their defense. Frankly, they’re just going to have to put forth more effort on that end if they’re going to be competitive. I think right now the emphasis is on trying to get the players who are here to defend better rather than making roster changes.

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