Singleton stays with Dallas Mavericks, Buckner waived


A busy Monday for the Mavericks started with retaining James Singleton, jettisoning Greg Buckner, finding out one of their new players has a knee injury and learning that there’s now a familiar name on the waiting list to join the squadSingleton signed the qualifying offer that the Mavericks had on the table since early this summer. It will pay him just over $1 million for the 2009-10 season, $175,000 more than the league minimum that other teams were offering.

However, the roster did not expand to 17 guaranteed contracts because in a separate transaction the Mavericks waived Greg Buckner, a move that was not a surprise. Buckner, a 6-4 swingman, has a $4 million expiring contract, only $1 million of which is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the Mavericks learned that 6-10 forward Tim Thomas suffered a knee injury of undetermined severity during a pick-up game.

Apparently, the injury is at least a sprain, but could include some cartilage damage. A sprain would mean he probably would be able to participate in part of training camp, which starts Sept. 28, if not all.

Cartilage damage would require perhaps four to eight weeks of recovery time. The Mavericks hope to know more when their doctors examine Thomas.

Even though the roster is at 16, one more than the maximum that can be carried in the regular season, the Mavericks have another player who has his sights on joining them.

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