Sixers appear ready to bring back Iverson

by Stephen A. Smith

Allen Iverson not only may come out of retirement in a matter of days. But he also could very well return to the franchise where all of his glory began.Numerous team sources confirmed on Friday that the 76ers’ brass has already talked — and talks will only escalate this weekend — about bringing Iverson back to Philadelphia. Possibly as early as next week.

"It’s being seriously considered," one Sixers official said before his team lost to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night. "We know the history. We know the ups and downs. But we’re also aware of what (Iverson) can do and that he’s needed here. We simply can’t just ignore the upside he’d bring. Not with our situation."

As of Friday night, coach Eddie Jordan was on board with bringing Iverson back, according to sources. So were officials within the club’s hierarchy, along with the team’s executive adviser, Sonny Hill.

The rest of Jordan’s coaching staff is amenable to Iverson’s return, including assistant and former Sixer Aaron McKie, one of Iverson’s best friends, as well as assistant coach Randy Ayers — the former Sixers coach who had his share of run-ins with Iverson, ultimately lasting just 52 games before he was dismissed by former president and GM Billy King in 2003-04.

The Sixers say they are aware it will cost them less than $3 million to get Iverson — "possibly less than $2 million, according to another team source — and have every intention of acting on it, probably as early as Tuesday.

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