Sixers not on course to be able to sign top player in 2011

Reports that the Sixers could have enough money to sign a max-level free
agent in 2011 are inaccurate.

While Samuel Dalembert ($12.2 million), Jason Kapono ($6.6 million) and
Willie Green ($4 million) would clear $22.8 million from the salary cap
next June, but that wouldn’t be enough to try to sign an elite player
unless they trade a long-term contract for a player whose deal expires
next summer or renounce the contracts of Thaddeus Young and Jason Smith.

The Sixers already have $66 million committed to 11 players in 2010-11, not counting the No. 2 overall pick in the June 24 draft. The cap is expected to be $56 million next season.

The Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony could be the only young star on the open market in 2011. Yao Ming, like Anthony, would be unrestricted, but his continuing injury problems limit his value to a young team. The Thunder’s Kevin Durant will be a restricted free agent, but Oklahoma City would match any offer for him.

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