Spurs suddenly very thin at point

For the duration of his acclaimed career, Tim Duncan has harbored a
secret. It is a desire so outlandish that, until now, he dared not
verbalize it.

Like an actor who yearns to be a rock star, the greatest power forward
in NBA history has always dreamed of making his living another way.

“I’ve been wanting to play point guard for about 12 years now,” Duncan said.

“I might finally get my chance.”

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich isn’t quite that desperate. Not yet, anyway. A couple more ill-timed injuries though, and Popovich might have no choice but to unleash Duncan’s inner Magic Johnson.

All-NBA point guard Tony Parker has been on the injured list since fracturing his right hand on March 6. Second-year combo guard George Hill thrived as Parker’s replacement for 16 games before injuring his right ankle in Sunday’s otherwise celebratory win over the Lakers.

An MRI taken Monday in San Antonio revealed Hill’s injury to be a strained right peroneal tendon, casting the rest of his regular season in doubt. Though the team has not announced a timetable for Hill’s return, he has been ruled out of games tonight at Sacramento and Wednesday at Phoenix.

That leaves the Spurs devoid of a true point guard, now and for the immediate future. It is a disheartening turn of events for a team that has won 15 of its past 20 games and appeared to be jelling just in time for the playoffs.


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