Stoudemire opens up about future

Paul Coro – The Arizona Republic

The answers can’t catch up with the endless questions surrounding Amaré Stoudemire’s status with the Phoenix Suns, but Stoudemire gave it a whirl Wednesday.After his second on-court workout since his February eye surgery, Stoudemire talked publicly for the first time since the Suns nearly traded him to Golden State.

Stoudemire clarified or reasserted points that he is healthy, wants to stay in Phoenix, does not want to play for Golden State and wants a maximum-level contract extension. Stoudemire is eligible for an extension before the season starts and can opt out of his current contract’s final season (2010-11) next summer if his deal is not extended.

"Right now, it all depends on what team I want to go to," Stoudemire said of his willingness to sign an extension, specifying that he would "probably not" sign one with a mediocre team.

"I’ll sign an extension with a team that has a future. The ball is in midcourt right now. It’s on both sides. We have to come to an (agreement) here and figure out what’s best for both of us. If I had to re-sign with a mediocre team, it would be here. Because I’m here. I’ve been here my whole career. And I would love to bring the Suns back to where we once were.

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