Suns have to trade Stoudemire

Scott Bordow, Tribune Columnist

To know Amaré Stoudemire is to understand that what comes out of his mouth shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The man is a walking, talking contradiction.

Stoudemire is done; so are SunsHe all but campaigned for the firing of coach Mike D’Antoni, then, feeling handcuffed by Terry Porter, longed for the offensive freedom D’Antoni gave him.

He was ecstatic when the Suns traded for Shaquille O’Neal, saying the move would allow him to play power forward, his natural position. A few months later, he was complaining that there wasn’t enough room in the lane for him to operate.

And, of course, there are his constant proclamations about wanting to be “the guy” yet never wanting to be held accountable. Remember this quote from last season: “I’m not a captain. So you can’t put too much of the blame on me. It’s not my job to rally the troops and get everybody on board. It’s the captain’s job to do that.”

We point out these inconsistencies as a narrative for Stoudemire’s Twitter account, Amareisreal. In a post Tuesday morning, Stoudemire wrote:

“Breaking News! Amaré Stoudemire to the Lakers!! He might take less money to win a championship.”

Well, that was news to the Suns, the Lakers, Commissioner David Stern and the rest of the league.

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