Swap of fallen stars improbable

The Houston Rockets have put Tracy McGrady on the trading block, and
you just know that the let’s-make-a-deal portion of the Milwaukee
Bucks’ fan base would like a piece of that.

You know who you are.

The local Monte Halls would love to see the Bucks neatly wrap up Michael Redd, place a bow on top and ship him off to Houston for McGrady in a tidy holiday exchange of highly paid, high-profile, high-scoring veterans who are both coming off serious injuries.

The reality, though, is that it’s highly unlikely such a trade will ever take place.

After all, is it realistic to think the Rockets would trade McGrady and his coveted expiring $22.5 million contract and take back Redd, who after this season has one more on his contract at a hefty $18.3 million?


The Rockets, who have won this season without McGrady, have said they would entertain offers for him, but they also could decide to just hang onto him and ride out the season – and then wipe his huge salary off the books.

Or, if they did find an appropriate suitor, the Rockets could pick up a nice combination of young assets, attractive draft picks or expiring contracts in a trade.

The bottom line is the Bucks would have to offer a heck of a lot more than Redd for McGrady, since McGrady’s contract is expiring and Redd’s is not. But if the Bucks started throwing draft picks and prospects into a deal, it would crumble any foundation that general manager John Hammond and coach Scott Skiles have tried to lay down since taking over the operation.

Also, although Redd appears to be healthy, some teams might be hesitant to deal for a player coming off a major knee injury.

You never say never in the NBA, but Redd just does not seem to be a logical piece to attract McGrady and his contract in a trade.

The Bucks do not comment on trade speculation.


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