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Refs lockout next?

Let’s suppose for a second that the NBA and its players each experience the proverbial ‘Come to Jesus’ moment in the next week or so and agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The 2011-12 season would then start on time, right?

Well, yes, it would. But it also could well start with plenty of unfamiliar faces on the floor. That’s because a big part of the NBA “game presentation” as David Stern likes to call it is, at present, also without a contract for next season.

That would be the 60 NBA referees.

Players, owners to meet again Thursday

Amid mounting labor gloom, NBA commissioner David Stern tried Tuesday to
muster a hopeful tone heading into the last scheduled negotiation with
the players before the expiration of the current collective
bargaining agreement.

Following a five-hour Board of Governors meeting at the same hotel that
the league used as its Dallas headquarters during the NBA Finals earlier
this month, Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver said that the
league’s owners have not formally voted to authorize a lockout to start
immediately if there is no new labor agreement before Thursday’s
midnight deadline.

Phoenix Suns could go big in Thursday's NBA draft

When it comes to the Suns’ draft situation for Thursday night, it is easier to address what won’t happen:

– They won’t end the night without a draft choice.

– They won’t trade Vince Carter’s contract, opting instead to buy him out for $4 million in the coming days.

– They probably won’t use one of their trade exceptions to take on extra
payroll, which could compromise flexibility expected in 2012.

Report: Raptors want Casey

It appears the Raptors want Dallas assistant Dwane Casey to become the eighth head coach in team history.

But he won’t come easily after his defensive schemes helped lead the Mavericks to the title on Sunday.

The Detroit Pistons and wealthy new owner Tom Gores are also interested
in Casey and money is likely to be no object if they decide Casey is
their guy.

Suns to trade or not trade Steve Nash

Suns President Rick Welts wanted to make one thing clear: He’d talk
about the nature of the Phoenix sports market and its fans, but not in
reference to a possible trade of point guard Steve Nash.

"That’s ridiculous," he said.

Source: Monta trade talks 'pretty hot'

The Warriors and representatives for Monta Ellis are working
cooperatively to see if a trade to a contending team can be arranged, a
deal that would likely happen around the NBA draft later this month, a
person with knowledge of the discussions told CBSSports.com.

“It’s pretty hot,” the person familiar with the talks said.

Impending free agents the Lakers could welcome

Their words are still hovering over Lakersland,
well-meaning advice for the offseason from two Hall of Fame members who
know a thing or two about building and maintain championship-caliber
teams in the NBA.
"It needs to build speed," retiring Lakers coach Phil Jackson said of
the team in his farewell address last week. "They need to have speed to
get easy baskets."
Days earlier, former Lakers guard Magic Johnson told viewers on ESPN,
"The Lakers have two problems. They’re too slow and no athletes."

Ainge’s offseason no slam dunk

After what just happened to the Celtics [team stats]
during their late-season swoon and playoff collapse, it seems some of
you would rather see their roster hit by a trainload of TNT than watch
it again on TNT.

Cavaliers unlikely to score a big star

The Cavaliers will finally learn during Tuesday
night’s lottery where they are drafting next month. Unfortunately, there
isn’t a set of pingpong balls on the planet that will improve the
quality of this draft.

We’ve heard for months this could be the worst draft in 25 years, but just how bad is it?

This bad: One NBA talent evaluator
said last week he isn’t sure there is a future All-Star anywhere in this
draft. To put that in perspective, every draft between 1978 and 2008
has produced at least three All-Stars, except one year (2007). That
draft is still too young to judge, since guys like Mike Conley, Jeff
Green and Joakim Noah could still make an All-Star team before their
careers are through.

Might be time for Baby to leave Celtics’ nest

Glen Davis picked an inopportune time to have one of the worst
stretches of his career. Even worse, this forgettable postseason may be
Davis’ final memory with the Celtics [team stats].

Davis will be an unrestricted free agent this summer and clearly
intends to test the market. This postseason was not the best audition,
as Davis shot 39.1 percent and averaged 4.9 points and 3.6 rebounds.

“You just can’t base it on just this playoffs,” Davis said. “My whole
body of work, I feel like I can play in this league, I can start in
this league, from my second year when Kevin (Garnett) went down and my
third year playing in the playoffs. This year was my best year. I just
didn’t play well in the playoffs this year. I didn’t get a good rhythm.
Some things happen like that. I don’t think this playoffs hurt me as