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Bosh Not Handing Out Discounts?

Toronto’s Chris Bosh doesn’t sound like he’ll be giving anyone a discount when he becomes a free agent next summer.

"That’s a good question," Bosh said before his game against the Knicks
– one of his potential suitors – when asked if he’d be willing to
accept something less than a max deal in order to play with better
talent. "I don’t know (laughs). I don’t know about (LeBron James and
Dwyane Wade). I really don’t know. Like I said, it’s a business, so
that would be tough to do. You’d really have to make a big commitment
to do that."

NBA suspends Gilbert Arenas

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, under investigation for having
unloaded guns in his arena locker room, turned 28 years old today. His
birthday present wasn’t one of the better ones, however.

National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern issued the following statement today:

NBA suspends Gilbert Arenas

Trade request could cost Nate Robinson fine from New York Knicks *Update*

The NBA is considering fining Nate Robinson for his agent asking the
Knicks to trade the veteran guard. A Knicks source told the Daily News
that the league has investigated comments made by Aaron Goodwin in
which he criticized Mike D’Antoni for benching Robinson. "I can’t allow
Nate to rot on Mike’s bench and not do anything about it. I can’t allow
this to happen to his career," Goodwin said Dec. 19. "It’s clear that
Mike D’Antoni doesn’t want to play him

T-Mac sits until he can be worked in

With Tracy McGrady dissatisfied with his limited playing time, the Rockets came up with a solution he never saw coming.

Instead of increasing his playing time as McGrady had wanted, they chose not to play him at all.

“I said all along I want to see where he fits,” coach Rick Adelman said
Saturday. “Coming back from an injury like that (microfracture knee
surgery), it’s obvious he’s not the Tracy we knew two years ago. He
knows that. What I’m trying to figure out is where we can best get him
in the rotation where he can have a positive effect on the team.

Fans hope Lebron James will choose to sign with New York Knicks as free agents i

Knicks fans already have their wish list for next Christmas – and it’s topped with LeBron James.

"If he came here, it would be a big boost for the team, for the city
and for the fans," Brooklyn native Todd Fritz, 40, said after Friday’s
93-87 loss to the Miami Heat, the 18th loss this season.

Jazz won't be bullied into trading Boozer

David Aldridge TNT Analyst

we all wait for Miami to finish up the summer by either signing Lamar
Odom, matching or not matching Cleveland’s offer sheet on Jamario Moon
and trying to goose Utah into a Carlos Boozer deal…

Latest chatter: A.I., Odom and others

By Marc Stein – ESPN.com

You will inevitably question why the Clippers are chasing Allen Iverson
and how they plan to fit him into their backcourt rotation when they
already have Baron Davis and Eric Gordon.

Answer: Selling tickets is a huge part of it, just like in Memphis with the Grizzlies’ interest in AI.

Clippers talk with Allen Iverson

Lisa Dillman

The Clippers’ future was on display Monday night, in front of NBA Commissioner David Stern, team owner Donald Sterling, General Manager and Coach Mike Dunleavy and veteran Marcus Camby.

Iverson might be the answer to Miami Heat keeping Wade

The Miamiherald is reporting that Iverson might be the answer to keeping Wade. His nickname was ”The Answer” back before that became a question. At age 34, he is no long-term solution for the Heat or any other NBA team. But here, at least, he might just be something worthy of a new nickname.

Allen Iverson: “The Gesture.”

Bobcats to explore possibility of adding Iverson

The Charlotte Bobcats have an owner who’s losing millions and looking
to sell. They’ve struggled to move tickets, win games and become
relevant in a town that used to adore the NBA.

Allen Iverson could change that. Pair the polarizing guard with coach
Larry Brown again and they wouldn’t just be talking about games in
Charlotte, they’d be talking about practice, too.