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Phil Jasner: Trade deadline rumblings for Sixers

By Phil Jasner

HERE’S WHAT YOU REALLY need to know about the NBA trade deadline:

It’s Feb. 18 at 3 p.m.

Between now and then, you will read and hear dozens of rumors involving
the 76ers. Some will have validity, others will not. Remember, there
are Web sites devoted to having something different every day. I’d be
more inclined to pay attention to ones in which people actually sign
their names and take responsibility.

When The Dealing Begins

By Marc Stein

The NBA’s Feb. 18 trade deadline is less than two weeks away.

Not sufficiently close enough to prompt teams to make their best offers
… but obviously close enough to merit another round of the latest
chatter from the NBA grapevine as passed along by various league
executives, coaches, players, scouts, insiders, etc.

Stoudemire eyeing his future

Sam Amick

Amar’e Stoudemire should be content if he’s playing at all after the Feb. 18 trade deadline, never mind for which team.

That was a terrible date for the Phoenix forward last season, as he was
poked in the eye during a game against the Clippers and would require
season-ending surgery to repair his retina. It was an anticlimactic end
to his hectic trade season, as the Suns strongly considered moving him
then, just as they are now.

Nuggets had eyes for Jazz's Williams

By Benjamin Hochman

At the NBA All-Star Game next weekend, George Karl will coach Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony.

That could have been an everyday occurrence if fate hadn’t detoured.

The Nuggets coach said Saturday that back in 2005, Denver had a trade
on the table with Atlanta, which had the No. 2 pick in the draft. The
plan was for the Nuggets to draft Williams, now an all-star for the

Jamison headed to Miami. . .for Super Bowl

But should Wizards follow Memphis’ lead and move him to Cleveland?

Antawn Jamison wasn’t necessarily upset that the Wizards were unable to
get out of Orlando this weekend. Sure, he would’ve loved to make it
back to Washington and play the Atlanta Hawks at Verizon Center last
night. But since the game was postponed, Jamison had a much easier
commute to Miami, where he plans on watching the New Orleans Saints and
Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl.

Nets notes: Bobby Simmons' future

Bobby Simmons, away from the team because of a family emergency, is
expected back for Tuesday’s game in Cleveland. But the veteran forward
may not be a Net all season.

Simmons is glued to the Nets’ bench. He has been inactive 13 times this
season and hasn’t played since Jan. 5.

Trade talk follows Dallas Mavericks to West Coast

EDDIE SEFKO / The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Mavericks got out of town Saturday evening, and the wild
rumor of the day was that their plane to the Bay Area had been equipped
with ejector seats.

The players, a few of them anyway, know they could be jettisoned at any
moment. The Feb. 18 trade deadline is fast approaching, and with four
losses in the last five games and a 9-10 record since Dec. 31, everybody
is on edge.

With trade rumors swirling, Butler has best game

Michael Lee

Caron Butler’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors for almost a
year, and the talk has only intensified with the Feb. 18 trade deadline
less than two weeks away. He’s been rumored to be headed to Dallas, to
Houston, to the Los Angeles Clippers, to New Jersey, to Portland, to

Sixers Notes: Iguodala trade talk: Phoenix, Houston

By Kate Fagan

Inquirer Staff Writer

NEW ORLEANS – The latest trade talk circulating around 76ers swingman
Andre Iguodala has him going with teammate Samuel Dalembert to the
Phoenix Suns for star power forward Amar’e Stoudemire and, possibly,
guard Leandro Barbosa.

Trade talk no distraction to Sixers' Iguodala


If all the trade rumors that are swirling around 76ers forward Andre
Iguodala are bothering him, he isn’t letting on.

Or maybe he’s sort of excited at the possibility of a new start.