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NBA News from Yahoo Sports

Thorn’s Nets are among the teams hoping to lure at least one of the
three stars this summer. The New York Knicks and Miami Heat – Wade’s
current team – also figure to be among the top bidders. In addition,
the Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder,
Minnesota Timberwolves and perhaps even the Dallas Mavericks will have
(or potentially have) significant salary-cap room to spend on a
free-agent pool that could also include Amar’e Stoudemire, Dirk
Nowitzki, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer, Rudy
Gay, Shaquille O’Nealand David Lee(notes).

Donnie Walsh sees New York Knicks' struggles and mulls trades

Mitch Lawrence

Before making his pitch to LeBron James on July 1, Knicks president Donnie Walsh wanted to make the playoffs.

Making the playoffs, which the Knicks haven’t reached in six years,
might have helped in recruiting James as a free agent this summer.

Cavaliers may not wait until deadline to make a trade decision

Brian Windhorst, The Plain Dealer

Technically the NBA’s trade deadline is February 18th at 3 p.m., which means there’s 15 shopping days left.

more trade buzz

Jonathan Feigen

There was some more trade buzz over the weekend. You know the drill. Say it with me. Nothing has changed.

The talks are exactly what they have been all month.

Kings' trade outlook

Sam Amick

The Kings remain in a challenging position, as their focus is acquiring a big man the likes of whom may not exist.

The most talented of those potentially available – players like
Phoenix’s Amar’e Stoudemire, Bosh, and Utah’s Carlos Boozer – are
simply too risky because they have expiring contracts and may not
re-sign this summer. Meanwhile, there is the alternative of pursuing
big men of less impact such as Dalembert, whose contracts would
severely limit the financial flexibility in the near future. Though the
Kings’ financial outlook isn’t as dire as it was at this point last
season, they still need to spend responsibly.

Pacers asking for too much for Murphy

Mike Wells

The Pacers have work to do if they expect to be able to trade forward Troy Murphy before the Feb. 18 deadline.

The Pacers have already tried to send him to Cleveland, but those talks
didn’t last long because they were asking for too much, according to a

Knicks notes: Trade winds

Talking trade

With the Feb. 18 NBA trade deadline less than three weeks away, the
Knicks look more and more like a team that needs to make a move,
whether for Tracy McGrady’s league-high $22 million-plus expiring
contract (reports indicate the Wizards are interested) or something far

Yet asked whether he thinks something has to happen, coach Mike
D’Antoni tap-danced, talking about how it had to fit into the Knicks’
plan not to clog their salary cap for this summer’s free agency.

Celtics looking to Move ray Allen?

Adrian Wojnarowski

Kevin Garnett still barks and bellows on the court, clasps his hands
and yet the roar now rings hollow. Down the floor and back again, the
Boston Celtics star drags his battered knee. He has dragged it from one
season into the next, and now comes a growing sector within the
organization that wonders whether Garnett should be further resting the
surgically repaired knee.

Cavs face plenty of speculation before trade deadline

By George M. Thomas – Beacon Journal staff writer

CLEVELAND: Trade season in the NBA is akin to trying to sift out plot
points in a soap opera. The rumors and innuendoes fly from every
direction, most fueled by rampant speculation and fan desire.

In the past couple of seasons, the Cavaliers have been a curiosity in
the process. They went from a blockbuster trade two years ago —
acquiring Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West — to not
making a move last season.

Most outside of the organization believe the Cavs are desperate to make
any kind of move before the Feb. 18 trade deadline to ensure LeBron
James doesn’t leave as a free agent after the season. History shows,
though, that General Manager Danny Ferry will ultimately make a
decision that’s in the best interest of the franchise.

D'Antoni not ruling out trade before deadline


Coach Mike D’Antoni said the reeling Knicks continue to search for
trade opportunities before the Feb. 18 deadline, but with the club
starting to fall out of the playoff race, they might be more inclined
to do a deal that opens up more 2010 cap space.

D’Antoni said the 2010 free-agency plan is a major factor in any deal,
and the Knicks continue to shop Jared Jeffries, whose trade could open
up more cap room. Whether a Jeffries trade turns into a roster upgrade
is debatable because he’s having a good season.