The Greg Oden clock starts ticking for the Trail Blazers

The clock on Greg Oden’s uncertain future with the Trail Blazers officially started ticking Monday.

The Dallas Mavericks’ championship victory Sunday night triggered the
start of a deadline for the Blazers to tender an $8.8 million qualifying
offer to the soon-to-be free agent center. The Blazers, who did not
extend an offer Monday, have until June 30 to do so.

Assuming they do — and the Blazers have given indications they will —
Oden will become a restricted free agent on July 1, which means the
Blazers will have the upperhand in resigning the former No. 1 overall
draft pick who’s brief NBA career has been marred by injuries and

It’s common for teams to delay extending qualifying offers until the deadline nears, so it was not a big shock that the Blazers did not make a move Monday. Even Oden’s camp did not expect it.

"I’m sure they’re going to hold off doing anything until the end," said Mike Conley, Oden’s agent.

If the Blazers tender Oden, there are several ways they can retain him. They can sit back and gauge what the free agent market will be for the talented but injury-plagued 7-foot center and match any offer Oden receives. If interest is minimal, they can simply sign him to the one-year $8.8 million deal.

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