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Perhaps it is just a coincidence that four free agents from the class
of 2010 were given the same locker in the visiting dressing room. But
it is no secret that if the Knicks can’t land LeBron James this summer,
they wouldn’t mind seeing Wade, Stoudemire, Johnson or Bosh suiting up
down the hall next season.

Bosh’s future could be decided before July 1, as trade reports continue to swirl around the Raptors’ All-Star forward, who entered Friday night’s game averaging 24 points and 11.3 rebounds per game. The theory is that if the Raptors are convinced that they can’t re-sign Bosh in July, they will attempt to trade him next month.

Asked if he believes he’ll still be with Toronto after the Feb. 19 trading deadline, Bosh said Friday night: "I have no idea. I don’t know. I just play basketball and whatever happens. It’s a business and the business of basketball can take over at times."

The Knicks’ first priority is James, and if he re-signs with Cleveland, then Wade would be the Knicks’ second choice. The Knicks are interested in Bosh, but the club may decide that re-signing David Lee at a lesser contract is a better deal.

Last summer, Bosh was caught on a video phone laughing when a fan approached and asked Bosh if he was going to the Knicks. Bosh cautioned reporters Friday not to read into his reaction.

"If I said something then you can read into it," he said. "People ask me in every city I go to. They have their video phones. That’s all I can do without offending anyone and that’s to laugh."

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