Thunder have a chance to draft Blake Griffin

The Oklahoman is reporting that a trade may be in the works that would see the Thunder have a chance to draft Blake Griffin.

  1. It is reported that “Internet rumors have already grown out of control less than a week after the lottery, with reports claiming to know who Team A is high on and what Team B will do. But depending on what you believe to be the truth, things could be lining up favorably for Oklahoma City.

The Clippers reportedly want to move veteran point guard Baron Davis, one of those easier-said-than-done tasks considering he’s owed $54 million over the next four years. But if L.A. finds a taker it could leave the Clippers with a huge hole at point guard and a pressing need for Rubio.

Memphis, owner of the No. 2 selection, reportedly is going gaga over Connecticut’s 7-foot-3 center Hasheem Thabeet. The Grizzlies already have point guard Mike Conley, who they selected fourth overall in 2007, and could risk passing on adding another playmaker in Rubio.

That would make Rubio available to the Thunder at No. 3 and open the door for a swap with the Clippers for Griffin.
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