Time has come for Wizards to free Antawn Jamison: Windhorst Beat Blog

Back in 2007 when the Wizards played the Cavs in the first round of the
playoffs and Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler were injured, Jamison was
a complete warrior. The Wizards had no chance in the series and the
Cavs were loading up on Jamison. But he came to play every game like it
was the Finals. He averaged 32 points and 10 rebounds in that four-game
sweep and single-handedly made three of the games competitive. I’m no Bill Simmons when it comes to NBA history, but that has to be one of the greatest forgotten playoff performances in history. People weren’t even making a big deal about it then, even though I certainly tried to highlight it. It was a courageous display and a reminder of the type of person and player he is.

All of that is why the Wizards now owe it Jamison to trade him and give him a chance with another team. They have been grasping on to this group for years hoping for health, luck and the right playoff seed. But for various reasons, much of it plain bad luck and a rising superstar in Cleveland, they haven’t gotten there. Now with the Arenas suspension and the Pollin death and the impending doom (DeShawn Stevenson called it a "black cloud" over the team), there are no more illusions. The dam has broken, it is over in Washington. There’s going to be a new owner and new faces.

Obviously, the Cavs want Jamison in the worst way. He fits everything they want and need at the moment. A great shooter with size, a smart player with playoff experience, a strong character in the locker room, a willingness to fit into the team concept. He’s not a great defender, he’s had some injuries and he’s owed $28 million over the next two years. With next summer’s free agent haul, there aren’t many teams willing to take on that sort of commitment. Especially for a 33-year-old, even if it does look like he’s got a lot of gas in his tank. There aren’t a lot of trade partners for the Wizards to just dump the salary, if they indeed want to go that route


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