Tons of Trade Rumors – February 16, 10

Clippers may trade Marcus Camby to Trail Blazers for Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw

Sources: Camby may head to Portland

Camby stunned by potential trade to Blazers

Wizards looking to move $2.6 million, avoid luxury tax

Trade-deadline buyers and sellers

Heat chasing Stoudemire

Clippers may trade Marcus Camby to Trail Blazers for Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw

Los Angeles Clippers center Marcus Camby has been mentioned in NBA rumors stories regularly all season. And if a report from ESPN’s Ric Bucher is accurate, he may soon be wearing a Portland Trail Blazers uniform.

Bucher initially reported that a “source says Clippers have dealt Marcus Camby for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake” … but then later said the deal appears close but not quite done yet.

With Blazers centers Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla out for the season, the veteran Camby would fill the position nicely for the rest of the season.

For the Clippers, Blake, who this season is averaging 7.6 points and 4.0 assists on 40.3% shooting, will make a nice backup point guard to Baron Davis. And Outlaw, who averages 9.9 points but has not played since November 14, can improve their swingman depth once he’s actually healthy, a time which could be in the coming weeks.

Sources: Camby may head to Portland

By Ric Bucher

The Portland Trail Blazers are close to acquiring the Clippers’ Marcus Camby, the center they’ve desperately needed since they lost both Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla to season-ending injuries.

The deal being discussed would send point guard Steve Blake and small forward Travis Outlaw to the Clippers for Camby, multiple sources said late Monday night.

One source close to the situation originally said the sides had agreed on the deal, but multiple sources later clarified that the trade is several steps from completion. A league source said "serious substantive talks" have been held and that the deal is at the "goal line" but has not received approval from either Clippers owner Donald Sterling or Blazers owner Paul Allen. Neither team could be reached for comment and no trade call has been scheduled with the league. Nothing was expected to be consummated until Tuesday at the earliest.

All three players being discussed are in the final years of their respective deals, so it would be a swap of expiring contracts.

In a text message to, Camby said that he "hadn’t heard anything about it" from either his agent or the Clippers. He has said that he would prefer to remain in Los Angeles, but he understands why his name continues to come up in trade talks.

The deal still could unravel, a source said, because of the players involved. There has been a season-long debate in Portland over whether Blake or Andre Miller, who the Blazers signed as a free agent last summer, is a better fit at point guard next to All-Star shooting guard Brandon Roy.

Outlaw, meanwhile, has not played since breaking his left foot in mid-November and is just on the verge of returning to action.

Camby stunned by potential trade to Blazers

Los Angeles Clippers center Marcus Camby may have unknowingly attended his own farewell dinner on Monday night.

The Clippers are on the verge of completing a trade that will send Camby to the Portland Trail Blazers, league sources said, but the veteran center is not happy about the potential deal.

The proposed trade, which was first reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, will send Camby to Portland in exchange for forward Travis Outlaw, guard Steve Blake and cash.

In town in advance of their Tuesday game against the Trail Blazers, the Clippers were having a team dinner at Portland’s Ringside steakhouse Monday night when Camby received a call on his cell phone from his agent, Rick Kaplan. Kaplan informed Camby that he will likely be traded to Portland.

One league source cautioned that the Blazers’ ownership had yet to sign off on the deal. The Denver Nuggets also are trying to make a last-ditch effort to bring back Camby before the Portland deal is finalized.

After taking the call from Kaplan, Camby immediately walked out of the restaurant. A source close to Camby says that while he recognizes the benefits of playing for a better team, he is upset because his family is comfortably settled in Los Angeles. He had hoped to re-sign with the Clippers this summer.

“He likes the Clippers, he likes the organization, he likes L.A.,” the source said. “His wife is happy in L.A. And he’s not one for change. He’s definitely not happy about this.”

Wizards looking to move $2.6 million, avoid luxury tax

Chris Sheridan

As I mentioned in today’s live chat, the Washington Wizards are not done dealing. And their next priority is moving $2.6 million in salary to get below the luxury tax line.

For practical purposes, that means they are trying to include Mike James and his expiring $6.47 million contract in a package with Antawn Jamison ($11.6 million) and/or Mike Miller ($9.8 million), and they’d do a lopsided trade that favored the other team if it got them under the tax.

Also, the league office has clarified its gray area stance on the tradeability of Javaris Crittenton, telling the Wizards it is highly unlikely any trade involving the suspended Crittenton and his expiring contract would be approved. (The league office would not, however, stand in the way of a Gilbert Arenas trade, since Arenas has several years remaining on his contract.) Washington had been led to believe otherwise, but it is a moot point anyway because the Wizards do not have any deals on the table involving Crittenton.

Trade-deadline buyers and sellers

As All-Star weekend clears out of Dallas and NBA teams look ahead Thursday’s trade deadline, the ball is now firmly in Cleveland’s court. The Cavaliers are the most ambitious team available to take on salary, and they must decide whether to continue pursuing Amar’e Stoudemire or to renew potential trades for Antawn Jamison or Troy Murphy.

Apart from the Cavs’ plottings, this is shaping up to be a relatively quiet trade week. Of course, there will be a few minor deals, as well as a potential shifting of enormous expiring contracts. But let’s not allow the rumor-mongering to be confused with moves of real importance: The only team positioned this week to make a deal that affects the championship race is Cleveland.

The market is bloated more than ever with teams seeking to give away salaries, but those sellers are finding very few buyers. Here’s a look at what may be in store over the next several days.
The Buyers

• Dallas Mavericks
The Mavericks are off the board after acquiring Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood from the Wizards in a seven-player exchange Saturday that sent three expiring contracts to Washington, including the $10.9 million salary of Josh Howard.

• Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cavaliers are going to do something big, and this weekend they appeared to zero in on Stoudemire as their target. Not only would the Suns’ forward give Cleveland an intimidating front line of Shaquille O’Neal, Stoudemire and LeBron James with 23 All-Star selections between them, but the Cavaliers would also potentially be taking one of the top free agents off the board this summer. This could be crucial in the upcoming race to sign LeBron.

"Everybody is trying to clear cap room for a second guy so they can sign one of the top free agents along wi
th a No. 2 guy like Amar’e," a rival general manager said. "The truth is that no one can clear enough room to get that second guy. So if Cleveland does this trade for Amar’e, then they’ve succeeded in doing what the other teams hoped to do: Basically, they’ve paired LeBron with a big free agent."

A deal with Phoenix makes even more sense if Zydrunas Ilgauskas is acquired and then waived by the Suns, which could help position them under the luxury tax while freeing the 7-foot-3 center to return to Cleveland to create matchup problems off the bench in an NBA Finals against the Lakers.

Heat chasing Stoudemire

Marc Stein

The Miami Heat have intensified their efforts to trump Cleveland in the chase for Phoenix Suns forward Amare Stoudemire, sources close to the situation said Monday.

The Heat emerged from the All-Star break even more determined than they were before to find a third team to help them broker an Amare deal before Thursday’s 3 p.m. deadline.

Miami is "coming hard" after Stoudemire, one source said.

Although the Heat have first-round picks available to sweeten any Stoudemire deal — with the Suns hoping to come away with at least one first-rounder if they decide to trade Stoudemire this week — sources say Phoenix has no interest in taking back Jermaine O’Neal’s hefty expiring contract because, at $23 million, it requires more players to be worked into the deal than the Suns are comfortable with.

Yet one source insisted Monday night that the Suns have not ruled out taking back forward Michael Beasley as part of a Stoudemire deal. The Heat — after carefully preserving their salary-cap space for months — are suddenly pushing hard to make a big trade splash now if possible instead of waiting for free agency in July and gambling on the idea that they can lure a marquee name such as LeBron James or Chris Bosh to South Beach to flank Dwyane Wade.

The Cavaliers are prepared to send Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ expiring contract, young power forward J.J. Hickson and perhaps draft considerations to the Suns for Stoudemire, who appeared to give Cleveland further motivation to make that bold move when he used his Twitter feed Monday night to scoff at speculation that he and Cavs center Shaquille O’Neal can’t co-exist.

"You guys can stop saying we don’t play well together," Stoudemire tweeted.

A pick from the perennially contending Cavs obviously wouldn’t be as enticing as a Miami draft pick, but sources say that Cleveland also continues to chase longtime target Antawn Jamison in case Miami assembles a better deal for Stoudemire. It likewise remains to be seen whether Philadelphia decides to make Andre Iguodala available after making it clear before the All-Star break that they are not prepared to surrender Iguodala in a Stoudemire deal.

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