Trade rumors surface about Suns' Stoudemire

By Marcus Thompson II – Staff writer –

A team source said the Warriors are willing to pay to extend Stoudemire’s contract, but it’s uncertain if team president Robert Rowell would approve (or get owner Chris Cohan to approve) what Stoudemire would likely require.

Stoudemire is set to make $34 million over the next two seasons, but he has a player option on the second season. Riley said he would have a tough time making a trade for a big-name player without locking him up long term.

Assuming Stoudemire garners the maximum, the Warriors would be able to sign him to a three-year, $61.3 million extension. That would put the Warriors on the hook for just over $95 million over five years. If the Warriors aren’t willing to pay that much, or if Stoudemire doesn’t agree to an extension, the trade likely won’t happen.

In any case, any deal likely wouldn’t be officially consummated until July 8, after the new season begins and the annual one-week moratorium to start the fiscal year ends. Biedrins, at that point, will no longer be in the first year of his new contract, and the trade limitations on it will have expired.

If the trade doesn’t happen, the Warriors still will walk away with their guy. Curry, who reportedly was coveted by the Knicks, said he never expected to fall past No. 7.

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