Trail Blazers eyeing Davidson's Stephen Curry

The Oregonian is reporting that the “Trail Blazers eyeing Davidson’s Stephen Curry?”

In the article it is reported that “This kind of speculation is going
to be flying all over the Internets for the next few weeks, up until
the actual picks are made 23 days from now. Today it’s the Trail
Blazers supposedly showing interest in Davidson College’s hot shooting
Stephen Curry, son of former NBA gunner and 1996 Sixth Man of the Year
Dell Curry.

Don’t be surprised if the Portland Trail Blazers trade into the lottery, looking to acquire Davidson’s Stephen Curry.

The way I hear it, the Blazers (currently picking 24th) are nosing around to trade up and have Curry in their sights. Enough teams are willing to deal down that this is a real possibility. And it would be great for Curry in this regard:

A long-time NBA scout told me months ago that the ideal situation for Curry is to play point guard on a team with a shooting guard who can also handle the ball. That would allow Curry to spot up some, and maximize the impact of his shooting.

The Blazers have just such a player in Brandon Roy. Strikes me as a great match of a player and a system.”

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