Traitors Trash Talk: International Tournament, FL, and the Raptor Report Edition

Welcome to the first installment of Traitors Trash Talk. After this, I also hope to restart my old series “The Raptor Report”. But because there isn’t much raptor talk right now, it’ll just be part of this series.The first thing, is an idea for an international tournament. There is now a World Cup for hockey, baseball, and soccer, just not basketball. Why not? Not sure, but me and my friends do a “World Sports Cup” on a video game every february. Our team USA roster was:

Kevin Garnett

Shaqueill O’neill

Kobe Bryant

Allen Iverson

Dwayne Wayed

Richard Hamilton

Ben Wallace

Rasheed Wallace

Carmello Anthoney

Lebron James

Antwan Jamison

Tracy McGrady

I’m not sure how much it effected it, but the guy who did most of the picking was a huge Pistons fan. But he knows his ball, he has an NBA jersey for every day of the week.

The Canadian team never got finnished, cuz we ran out of Canadians… but the team was Nash, McGlouire, Alex English, Rick Fox, Todd McCoullough, and Jamal Sheppard.

What would you all think of an international tournament.

Then there’s the BTR FL. I haven’t talked to the admins in a while about this, but I plan to hold a BTR FL, starting in October, I don’t think we’ll be doing a fantasy draft, I hope we can just do current rosters. I will take Kove and the Lakers, hoping to relive the dynasty…

Next is the Raptor Report. The first thing I gotta say is, I totally agree with Zednik, we need JYD back. He was my favorite player back when he was a Raptor. Besides Kobe, I was actually out buying his jersey when I heard he got traded. The guy who worked at Sportcheck was dumb enough to tell me he had just been traded, and I didn’t buy the Jersey. Williams was such a great part of the Raptors, and did some great things for the community, he’s like the Raptors Domi or Stumpy.

The Raptors lost out on Duhon, well… I don’t really care, I like Matt Bonner, and from what I read, if he got signed, it meant the end of Bonner in Toronto. He did a great job in the Nash charity game, maybe he can bring the Raps some of those three pointers next season.

To conclude…. I got no conclusions.


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