Vulcans are hovering and Kevin Pritchard could be next

John Canzano, The Oregonian

Might be a good time for Kevin Pritchard to wipe his computer hard
drive clean. And he should probably get a second cellular telephone for
non-business calls, and also, be careful who he talks to about his
future as the Trail Blazers general manager.

Note to KP: Watch your back.
The people who work at Vulcan Inc. are busy working behind the scenes again with owner Paul Allen’s basketball operation, and those following the curious firing of vice president Tom Penn this week are looking at Pritchard wondering if his shelf life as the franchise Golden Boy is expiring.

"They can’t do Kevin in the middle of the season, but they can do a drive-by on someone close to him," said Warren LeGarie, the agent for Penn and Pritchard. "But guess who would be next?"

The message from One Center Court has been a consistent: "Philosophical differences," and the Vulcans are apparently steamed because they believe Penn bluffed the Blazers into a promotion and raise 10 months ago using a phantom offer from Minnesota.

But bigger questions hit on Wednesday.

Have the Vulcans lost their minds?

Could Pritchard really be next to go?

And what of that bluff job by Penn?

I’ll take them in reverse order.

A league executive confirmed late Tuesday that higher-ups in Allen’s operation were steamed after they believed they got played by Penn last summer when he "misrepresented" the offer from Minnesota to get a raise and promotion in Portland.

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