Wade on Rose and possibly playing in Chicago

John Jackson of SunTimes.com reports that

Dwayne Wade appeared Tuesday on ESPN 1000’s "Waddle and Silvy" show and
the Miami Heat star had some interesting things to say about his future
and Bulls guard Derrick Rose:

Tom Waddle: "What are the chances of you coming back to Chicago?

Wade: "If I could say one thing I would say that I’m blessed to be in a position where I have options. I thank god for those options. 2010, free agency only comes up once so I’m going to make sure that I think about this and do it right. Of course I love Miami, this is where I built my career at. Chicago is always the place I’m from, there’s going to be talk about that, of course, but right now I’m trying to do what I can to make sure that the team that I’m on be as good as we can be. When it’s time for me to think about it, then I will do just that."

Marc Silverman: "Any chance at all about coming back with Derrick Rose?"

Wade: "Derrick Rose is a great, great player. He’s a point guard of the future. I can’t say there’s a chance, I’m still in a Miami Heat uniform. I’m not ruling anything out as well. I’m making sure I’m keeping my options open."

Silvy: "You’re not ruling out Chicago?"

Wade: "I’m not ruling out a lot of places, but I’m not really thinking about those places either. Like I said, 2010 is the year when I will sit down and open up my options and, hopefully, I’m still blessed and healthy to have those options and then go from there. But Miami is my number one option and I’ve made that clear.

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