Who is the ROY

With a lot of great candidates this year only 1 thing is certain.this is this years rookies suck compare to last year, but on to the main candidates for this season

Emeka Okafor- GOOD- looks like shaq on occasion and can pound the offensive glass with the best of em BAD- Have you seen the bobcats, there terrible, the other candidates have made a major contribution to playoff runs for there teams

Dwight Howard- GOOD- Like Emeka has a sense of rebounding, although his are more likely on the D-end it helps his team, and is the only Defensive player on the magic BAD- 1st overall pick Lebron or Dwight, ill let you answer that

Ben Gordon- GOOD- the nbas new Mr. Clutch might be the best 4th quarter player ever, has been talked about to be the next rReggie, and he does this off the bench!!! BAD- Has to outplay Kirk which is a tough job, but not really any unsolid part of his game

Andre Iguodaola- A.I. Jr is the best Defensive player in the league period, can jam the ball on occasion and knows how to get A.I. the ball BAD- needs to get better at shooting, and not letting Iverson take every shot for PHilly

Luol Deng- GOOD_ The unknwon roy candiate might be the best overall player, can shoot, pass, defend, well,BAD- Dosent do any of those greatly, work on em, and get rid of the injury bug

My vote for ROY= Andre Igudola or Ben Gordon

prolly Igudola

Go Detroit Pistons


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