Who's Getting Traded: The West

Preetom Bhattacharya

January and February are trade season in the NBA – conversations about
what is needed to take teams to the next level and others about cutting
costs to make free agent runs are happening every GM’s office across
the league.

As such, several players find themselves in the crosshairs of these
conversations and should consider having their bags packed within the
next few weeks because they’re on their way out. Yesterday, Alex Raskin
looked at possible trade candidates in the Eastern Conference; today,
here’s the list of possible Western Conference movers:

Dallas Mavericks

Josh Howard – With what amounts to an expiring $10.9-million contract (next year is a team option that the squad he’s traded to probably will not exercise), Howard is certainly a player that is eligible to be moved. Howard’s name has been linked to several teams as it is, but the most recent and enticing rumor involves the Mavs offering Howard to the Sacramento Kings for Kevin Martin. Dallas is looking for some stability at the two-guard in addition to some overall depth to fortify their bench.

Denver Nuggets

With a strong desire to pick up another big man that they can use as defense against the other elite Western Conference teams, the Nuggets are likely to get as creative as they can to do so. Linked to Indiana’s Jeff Foster and even Detroit’s Tayshaun Prince, the Nuggets will continue to scan the horizon to see if there is anything they can do to add some more talent. The squad does have a fairly large trade exception of $3.7-million from a Steven Hunter trade that they could use as well.

Golden State Warriors

– Speedy Claxton, Raja Bell, and Devean George – The Warriors are interested in adding significant talent either at the trade deadline or during the summer. Claxton’s expiring $5.2-million contract in combination with Devean George’s $1.8-million figure (also expiring) and Raja Bell’s expiring $5.2-million salary makes it a bit more possible for them to make such a move. GM Larry Riley has already told Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle that the team needs to add major talent, like what they have in Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette. The combination of these deals could certainly bring in a third star next to Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette. Theoretically, Andris Biedrins should be that third star, but with Don Nelson’s wing-oriented offense, another player could be needed on the wing to fortify the Warriors for next season.

– Vladimir Radmanovic – Radmanovic, brought over in the Stephen Jackson trade, has another year left on his deal because of an Early Termination Option, but he could find himself on the move if the Warriors hope to open a bit more capspace by trading for an expiring deal. Should the Warriors not trade their expiring deals (listed above) for talent, they could opt simply to open up the space by moving Radmanovic.

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