Will LeBron James stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Brian Windhorst, The Plain Dealer

Over the past two years, there have been dozens of twists and turns in
the LeBron James free-agency saga, most of them small events that have
been magnified by the size of the stage.

As the Cavaliers prepare for the start of playoffs in the last year of James’ contract, there still remains uncertainty about his future. Despite reports to the contrary on both sides of the issue dating back a year, trusted sources close to James say there has not been a decision fully reached. As of now, he plans to become a free agent and listen to pitches come July 1.

However, as the Cavs finish off the best record in the NBA for a second consecutive year and James prepares to win his second Most Valuable Player Award, something is indeed happening.

After being mostly neutral and downright noncommittal for some time, those closest to James have been altering their view recently. The vibe being sent out from James’ camp — whether it is private conversations or discussions about new business or plans for the near future — is that James currently is leaning strongly toward re-signing with the Cavs.

That may sound vague and, as always, it continues to be fragile. Yet there is no denying the gradual shift within James’ circle and, it is assumed, by James himself.

James has declined to talk publicly about free agency since November. But as one source said, "I have never been so sure that he’s going to stay in Cleveland than I am right now."


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