Will the Heat try to move up into the first round?

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that Pat Riley of the Miami Heat is
considering trying to swing a deal in order to move up into the first
round of the NBA entry draft.It is reported that “The upside is the salary for a late pick in the first round is relatively meager and virtually every draft produces a quality sleeper somewhere in the 20s.”

Also, “Teams are allowed to spend up to $3 million to purchase a pick from another team. But that might not be as easy to justify with the Heat in the process of trimming an estimated $2 million in salaries on the business side of the operation.

So the issues become these: Is the youth of Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Daequan Cook, Dorell Wright and, perhaps, Joel Anthony enough for now? And should Dwyane Wade, in his peak prime, be exposed to a further infusion of raw talent?

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