Wizards and Knicks Rumors

Alan Hahn of Newsday reports that

Following up on that Knicks-Wizards rumor involving the fifth overall pick:

There have been recent conversations between the teams about players, mainly ones the Wizards are interested in on the Knicks roster. But what may come as a surprise is that Wilson Chandler doesn’t appear to be the main ingredient here. In fact, from multiple sources with knowledge of the Wizards’ strategizing, they’re the ones who have inquired about two former Wiz players, Larry Hughes and Jared Jeffries.
The Knicks wouldn’t mind shedding Hughes’ contract, though it has one year left with a team-high $13.6M pricetag. They could consider th at same James/Thomas scenario because both players are also in expiring deals. James ($6.4M) is a shooter (and a Long Islander) whom the Knicks could use and the 6-10 Thomas ($7.3M) provides size, grit and rebounding depth in the frontcourt.

Jeffries, of course, is the big one to move, with $6.4M next season and a critical $6.8M against the salary cap in 2010-11. The Knicks almost moved him to the Kings at the trade deadline and, according to a source, recently were close to something with the Toronto Raptors that fell through when the Raps turned it down.

And, aware that the Wizards aren’t that excited about anything they see at No. 5, the Knicks too the opportunity ask about the pick. It may have been suggested that Chandler is the only young asset the team could offer in return that may interest Ernie Grunfeld for the pick, but it was not something the Knicks offered. At this point, it doesn’t appear to be anything more than a speculative scenario.


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